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Get To Know Me!

 People call me  Rain and yes I'm obsessed with elephants hence the name Raining Elephants!

Raining Elephants story began in 2019 when I started designing and selling unique and personalized antiques & signs from my home studio.

Now I specializes only in handmade custom woodwork, pop art art work and funny / feel good item and more!

I’m constantly expanding with the sole purpose of creating works of art for you.

What makes my product unique?

Every piece of art I create is hand-made with skill and intention. Most items can be personalized to fit whatever your needs are.

Why I love what I do?

I am in the business of making people happy. That's my mission. Sure, I happen to make beautiful pieces of art day in and day out,  but I see that as an added perk to what I really do: creating happiness for both of us.


Each of my woodwork creations are handcrafted from real wood and made to order right here in my North Carolina studio at the time of your purchase!

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