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Guitar Pick Case

Introducing the Custom Pick Case Series: A Lifesaver for Guitar Pick Losers! Listen up, music enthusiasts! We have something that will save you from losing your guitar picks- our brand new Custom Pick Case Series! Not only will it keep your precious picks safe, but it's also a stylish accessory for any music lover. Choose from a range of stunning designs, each capable of holding your top three or more picks. It's also a perfect gift for your fellow music-obsessed friends. Let's rock out in style together and say goodbye to lost picks for good!

Guitar Pick Case

Excluding Sales Tax

    Purchasing 100% Genuine Wooden Items

    To purchase our authentic wooden products, kindly select the item that matches your requirements. Upon submitting your order, send us an email at with the order number and a photo. Please be advised that within 48 hours, you will receive a proof photo of the product.


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